Tyre pressure monitoring systems

TPMS for caravans

Towing a caravan

If you are towing a caravan, tyre pressures are particularly important as you can’t get any feel for what your tyres are doing whilst you are driving.

A TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring system keeps you in touch with your tyres and can be set up for just the caravan or for all the wheels on the towed rig.

Most of the systems below will monitor up to 180psi (12bar) so can used on all car/caravan/motorhome combinations. Our model TD1000 can be used where the cold inflation pressure is 60 psi or below.

TPMS for RVs and motorhomes

Practical Motorhome Best Accessory awardHowever large your RV, you can monitor the pressure and temperature of all your tyres, and even include the tyres on a towed car.


This not only warns you if you get a puncture, it helps to save fuel by making sure your tyres are always running at the optimum pressure, and can actually save you from a blowout by giving you warning of the tyre overheating before a blowout occurs.

TyrePal sensors simply replace the standard dust caps and can be locked in position. Data is transmitted to the monitor in the cab so that a warning can be provided when things are going wrong. The systems are simply set up for your particular vehicle, whether a four-wheel camper van or a large motorhome towing a trailer or car.

The prestigious Practical Motorhome Magazine ’Best Accessory’ award of 2011 was won by TyrePal’s TD1200

Full details, retail prices and specifications are available on the Tyrepal website..... tyrepal.co.uk