reversing cameras

  • 22mm camera
  • Wide angle rear view camera
  • Instant image ON
  • Fully automatic
  • Day and night use
  • Easy to install
  • Automotive grade components
  • Simple and reliable
  • Slim line, 3.5" LCD screen
The AmeriCam K1 is a high performance, fully automatic, practical driver assistance device. The primary objective is very simple: to help a driver to see things that they may not otherwise see when backing up. Almost all vehicles have a blind spot at the back, which can result in accidents involving common items such as concrete posts, shopping carts, other vehicles and perhaps most alarmingly, small children or their toys and bikes.
 AmeriCam K1Competitors
 22mm camera
 Flush mounted, ultra low profile camera
 Wide, 170 degree angle of viewtypically 130 degrees
 High quality image both day and night?
 Flat, clean image (not fisheye)?
 Instant image ONup to 2 seconds
 Single cable installation
 Connect to existing display moduleoptional?
 IP68 rated connectors
Always choose the best option available. Choose AmeriCam K1 : Simply Better By Design

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