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When to replace caravan tyres.

It should go without saying that tyres which are damaged or worn to the legal minimum 
tread depth must be replaced immediately. However, tyres which are visually OK, and 
which have seen little or even no use are also recommended to be replaced when they reach 
a few years of age. As a general rule (and following guidance issued by the tyre makers‟ 
trade body, the British Tyre Manufacturers‟ Association, it is advised that caravan tyres 
should ideally be replaced when 5 years old, and should never be used when more than 7 
years old. This advice is borne out by the Caravan Club's own research into caravan tyre failures, 
which confirms that the likelihood of a tyre problem increases after such age. Their research 
further suggests that tyres which need a high inflation pressure (say 50psi or more) require 
greater care still. Such tyres should be closely examined for signs of deterioration from 3 
years old, and it would be strongly advised not to use them beyond 5 years old. It is not the 
case that all tyres over these ages will rapidly fail. However, the statistical likelihood of a 
problem occurring increases noticeably with age. Given the disruption to your holiday that 
a tyre failure could cause (let alone the risk involved), it is strongly recommended that you 
follow this guidance.
Since tyres deteriorate with age even when not in use (unless kept under very strictly 
controlled conditions of temperature, humidity, light level etc), it is usually necessary to 
consider a tyre's age from the date it was made, and not from when it was bought or fitted 
to the caravan. Tyre age can usually be identified from a code on the tyre.

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